PETA Targets Louisiana Giant Omelette Festival

Officials with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have asked organizers of Abbeville's Giant Omelette Celebration to use tofu instead of eggs in the massive omelette.

Held each fall, the festival centers on an omelette created with more than 5,000 eggs, as well as crawfish tails, onions, peppers, milk, butter and other spices. The festival begins Nov. 3.

But in a letter sent to Celebration President Cecil Hebert, PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange said that if organizers use tofu this year instead of eggs, PETA would donate all tofu needed.

Egg-laying hens are some of the most abused animals in the world and that many chicks are confined to "battery cages" while being used for their eggs, Lange said in her letter.

Hebert said he had not yet seen Lange's letter and could not comment on the request.