No Kind Words?

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

No Kind Words?

For the most part last week, liberal press sniping has been kept to a minimum during the farewell to President Reagan, but not totally.

Columnist Jimmy Breslin (search), writing for the online edition of New York Newsday had this to say Friday:

"Ronald Reagan's face belongs on a $3 bill, and comparing him to Lincoln is like claiming the maintenance man wrote the Bill of Rights."

Rumor Control

You wouldn't think a carefully scripted event like the G8 summit (search) at Sea Island, Georgia, would have to worry about leaks. But they prepared for everything.

"G8 Media Guidance Cards” were issued to event staffers. The cards said, in part, “If you are approached by a reporter during the summit, you should, 1. Notify your chain of command and/or, 2. Call the Joint Information Center."

To make things easier, most reporters were kept 85 miles from the summit.