New Jersey City Proposes Background Checks for Ice Cream Vendors

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Ice cream truck operators and other vendors who sell food on wheels would need to undergo background and fingerprint checks under a measure being proposed in the northern New Jersey town of Lyndhurst.

Proponents of the measure say it's aimed at protecting children's safety.

"Most of the people who come to an ice cream truck are kids," Mayor Richard DiLascio told The Record of Bergen County for Tuesday's newspapers. "A parent might not always be around. It's a health and safety issue."

Under the measure, police would conduct the background checks and the Health Department would handle licenses.

"We are not trying to chase away these vendors. We are business-friendly," the mayor said. "We just have concerns for our children."

The Board of Commissioners is scheduled to hold a public hearing Tuesday night on the ordinance.

Volunteer coaches and teachers already are required to submit to such background checks, the mayor said.