Iraqi Gunmen Release Turkish Hostages

Seven Turkish contractors taken hostage in Iraq were released by their kidnappers, their employer said Saturday.

The seven men were released in Fallujah and were traveling to the northern city of Mosul, Serdar Adali, an official for the Turkish construction company Serka Limited (search), told a Turkish television outlet by telephone.

"Seven people are free at the moment," Adali said. He said all were well and would speak to their families as soon as they reached Mosul. He did not give any details on their release.

Gunmen displayed the seven kidnapped Turks in a videotape earlier this week, demanding that Turkish companies end all business in Iraq and pull staff out of the country.

The video obtained by Associated Press Television News showed four gunmen, their faces covered by scarves and toting automatic rifles, standing behind four of the Turks, who were crouching on the ground and holding up their passports.

One gunman read a statement saying Serka has been "serving" the American occupation forces.