Guest Bio: Crucible Securities CEO Kelly McCann

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James Kelly McCann started Crucible in 1990 after working for the Office of Naval Research, where he specialized in Close Quarters Battle relating to hostage recovery and urban tactic, techniques and procedures.

Before retiring to the private sector, McCann was the detail agent in charge in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, for several protective details on U.S. officials as well as members of President Aristede's cabinet. He also performed critical vulnerability assessments for the director of the International Police Monitor program.

McCann has also provided search-and-rescue and SERE (Survival, Escape, Resistance, Evasion) training for drug eradication pilots in Sante Fe de Bogota, Colombia, as a subcontractor to DynCorp under a Department of State contract.

His corporate customers have included training Amoco Oil , OmniTempus and Honor bodyguards in Colombia; ARCO security escorts and Donald Trump's protection detail in Atlantic City, N.J.

McCann has a five-year contract with the Department of Defense to provide training to a variety of sensitive clients. He was the technical advisor and then the program manager for three ambassadorial details in Bosnia from 1996-99 and currently sits as the subject matter expert for diplomatic security services for DynCorp.

Crucible was awarded the contract to train and evaluate all U.S. police officers traveling to Kosovo as part of the United Nations International Police Monitor Program and most recently, the company was awarded the contract to train and evaluate the U.S. police monitors for East Timor, Indonesia.

In the spring of 2000, McCann traveled to Dharan, Saudi Arabia, for a three-month evaluation of the feasibility of a civilian security training center in the region.

McCain has instructed the Air Force Anti-Terrorism Specialty Team force-protection instructors in a variety of subjects. He is a consultant and recognized expert for the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency. He initiated a five-day Travl-Saf program for the USMC Coalition and Special Warfare Center to train Marines.

He currently consults to Fortune 500 companies for anti-abduction training and personal security.