Ex-'Survivor' Jonny Fairplay Sues Danny Bonaduce For Tossing Him

Former "Survivor" contestant Jonny Fairplay sued Danny Bonaduce on Tuesday, alleging battery and emotional distress after Bonaduce tossed Fairplay over his shoulder at a recent reality television awards show.

The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, also named the producers of the awards show, the Fox Reality Channel.

Video: Danny Bonaduce Slams Fairplay at Really Awards

Attorneys for Fairplay and for Fox Reality Channel declined to comment. Attempts to find a phone listing for Bonaduce or a representative were unsuccessful. It was unclear whether he had retained a lawyer.

An after-hours e-mail message left Tuesday for Bonaduce at the Los Angeles radio station where he works was not immediately returned.

Fairplay, whose real name is Jon Dalton, was presenting an award on stage at the Fox Reality Channel "Really Awards" on Oct. 2 when Bonaduce unexpectedly approached him on stage.

When Fairplay ran and jumped into his arms, Bonaduce tossed him over his shoulder. Fairplay hit the floor head first and was hospitalized for injuries to his face and mouth.

With Fairplay "on the ground and blood and broken teeth on the stage floor, Mr. Bonaduce proceeded to parade around the stage with pride," according to the suit.

Fairplay, 33, is suing for damages to cover medical expenses, emotional distress, lost earnings, and punitive damages.

After an investigation, the District Attorney's Office decided not to press charges against Bonaduce.

Bonaduce did not intentionally injure Fairplay and his "actions fell within the realm of self-defense," Deputy District Attorney Jeffrey Boxer wrote last week.

Fairplay appeared in 2003 on the CBS reality show "Survivor: Pearl Islands" and came in third.

Bonaduce, 48, was a child star on "The Partridge Family." He starred in the 2005 reality show "Breaking Bonaduce," and has recently co-hosted Adam Carolla's radio show.