Eleven Killed in French Bus Crash

A bus in western France overturned during a heavy rain storm Tuesday, killing 11 people and injuring more than 30 others, authorities said.

The bus plunged over the highway barrier in the town of Liguge (search), in the western Vienne (search) region, authorities said. The bus was badly crushed, and many of the victims died on impact.

The vehicle, which was heading from Brussels, Belgium to Morocco, was carrying about 50 people. Thirty-one people were injured, six seriously, officials said.

The accident occurred during a strong rain. Officials said it appeared that a baggage trailer the bus was pulling tipped over, dragging the entire bus along with it over a railing.

They said the vehicle appeared to have been traveling at high speed.

Many of the travelers on board were believed to be Moroccans who live in Europe and were heading home for vacation, the officials said.

Rescue vehicles rushed to the scene. Passengers who were not injured were taken to a community center, and local authorities called in Arabic speakers to work as interpreters.