Doctor Accused of Sexually Abusing Abortion Patients

A jury heard the testimony of three women who claim they were sexually abused by an anesthetist during their abortions, the Manchester Evening News reported.

Dr. Narenda Sharma, of Ashwood in Bowdon, England, was charged with three counts of “causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent” after he allegedly used the hands of female patients to perform obscene acts on himself after administering anesthesia to them during abortion procedures.

All three patients were given a partial anesthesia and were unaware of their surroundings when the alleged incidents took place, according to the testimony.

A nurse witnessed one of the alleged incidents, while another staff member, Paul Clare, saw the other two alleged incidents, prosecutor Michael Lavery told Manchester Crown Court. All three incidents allegedly happened sometime between April 18 and 29 of last year.

Sharma’s lawyers told the jury their client is an innocent victim of racism, bullying and lies.

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