Daughter's First Amendment Rights Violated Over Facebook Comment, Dad Says

A Missouri Dad believes his daughter's First Amendment rights were violated for being punished for comments she posted about a fellow female classmate, NBCactionnews.com reported.

Megan Wisemore used swear words to comment about a girl at Oak Grove High School on Facebook. In response to the comments, the girl kicked Wisemore in the head and other parts of the body and punched, the station reported.

Her father, James, told the station she was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Wisemore was suspended for three days over the comments, while the other unnamed girl was suspended for five days, because of fighting, James Wisemore said,

He told NBCactionnews.com his daughter shouldn't be punched for comments she made while not in school, adding she didn't name the student on the Facebook posting.

But, according to the station, court decisions going back to the 1940s say districts have the authority to discipline off-campus actions if there is a connection between that and a disruption to the educational process.

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