Cops Find 178 Homemade Explosives After Man Allegedly Makes High School Reunion Threat

Florida police arrested a man Wednesday after he allegedly threatened violence at his high school reunion on scale with the Virginia Tech shootings.

Timothy Joseph Vaughn, 39, of Lakeland, Fla., responded to an e-mail announcing the upcoming reunion for the Lakeland High Class of 1985 with a threat to "make Virginia Tech look like a birthday party," the Polk County Sheriff's Department said.

Vaughn reportedly told deputies that he hated his high school classmates, and wanted to be left alone.

Deputies found 178 homemade M-80 and M-100 explosive devices in his home as well as 700 additional devices under construction, according to police documents.

Vaughn is charged with cyberstalking, 178 counts of possessing a destructive device and possession of materials to manufacture a destructive device.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.