Child Advocate Wants Octuplet Guardian Appointed

An advocate for child actors wants a judge to appoint a guardian to oversee the interests of Nadya Suleman's octuplets if they are featured in TV shows, Internet videos and magazines.

Click here for photos of the octuplets.

Lawyer Gloria Allred said Monday she filed the petition in Orange County Superior Court on behalf of Paul Petersen, president of A Minor Consideration and a former Mouseketeer who grew up on "The Donna Reed Show."

Allred represents Angels in Waiting, a nonprofit group of nurses that helped care for Suleman's children.

She says a guardian would ensure that payments for the octuplets' appearances are placed into accounts separate from their mother's and that laws regarding child performers are observed.

Suleman's attorney, Jeff Czech, called the petition an imprudent publicity ploy that will waste "the precious little funds the children can look forward to."

Suleman, who gave birth to the octuplets in January, has six other children.