Canada (search) increased its funding for tsunami relief from $65 million to $345 million Monday, following criticism that Ottawa (search) had given too little, too late.

The new funding includes $215 million in emergency aid and $130 million over five years for reconstruction.

"This is a new and important commitment of previously unallocated funds for foreign aid," Prime Minister Paul Martin (search) said. "As the relief effort becomes more organized, short-term needs are effectively addressed and it is crucial that the world turn its attention to assisting in long-term reconstruction."

Six Canadians have now been listed as dead in the tsunami that devastated southern Asia two weeks ago, the Foreign Affairs Department said Monday. More than 300 are missing or unaccounted for.

Martin was criticized for having remained on vacation in Morocco when the tsunami hit. Until now, Canada's pledge was far below that $350 million commitment from Washington.