A Beautiful Couple, a Hot Roddin' Babe and a Legend Remembered

A beautiful couple, a hot roddin' babe and a legend remembered in the glare of The Foxlight.

So Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt are calling it quits. When America's most beautiful couple breaks up, who gets the mirror? All of this conveniently mirrors Julia's new movie - America's Sweethearts - about the relationship problems of the famous. Bratt says he was tired of being Mister Julia Roberts. Hey Benjamin, some guy named Lyle Lovett wants to buy you a drink.

Next, did the movie The Fast And The Furious inspire some real drag race deaths? The Foxlight asked star Jordana Brewster the other night at the A.I. premiere, and the normally rosy-cheeked actress turned ashen. She hopes not, she said.  Then the hottie hot rodded into the movie.

Finally, Dan Aykroyd says Hollywood hasn't learned anything from the death of John Belushi. He tells the Foxlight he tried to warn both Chris Farley and River Phoenix. He "Gave them the talk," as he described it - but to no avail. Aykroyd says you can't stop people from doing what they're going to do - even if you take them by the shoulders and shake them.