66-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to 5-Pound Baby Boy

Elizabeth Adeney, 66, has become Britain’s oldest mother after giving birth to a baby boy weighing 5 pounds, 3 ounces.

Both are said to be doing "extremely well" following Tuesday's Caesarean section birth.

"Lizzie is absolutely thrilled,” a friend of the new mother said. “This is something she thought might never happen. She can't wait to get home and start her new life with her boy."

Adeney is the U.K.'s oldest mother by four years. Coming in a close second is Patti Farrant, who gave birth to her son, Jude, at the age of 62 three years ago.

Adeney traveled to the Ukraine for IVF treatments since clinics in Britain refuse to treat women over the age of 50.

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