Hope you all had a nice weekend, but the news and sports worlds never take a time out. As far as football goes, both title games were absent of fourth quarter drama but in Pittsburgh and Seattle you truly have two appreciative, talented teams. I will be heading out next week and the hype really starts this Sunday. As far as our show goes, our only sports guests was Ahmad Rashad who was trumpeting his news series "NBA Access" which promises a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most buttoned up groups in all of sports: the NBA players, owners and dancers. I never met him before and you just know he is on every A-list party roster in the country, but many forget he was once an outstanding wideout for the Vikings and Bills. He lost his only Super Bowl appearance but has done pretty well since.

Among the themes that seem to resonate was the new study that made the cover of Newsweek about how the educational system is doing a disservice to young boys after years of giving the short thrift to girls. Many of you agreed with results which built off facts like the decrease in males in college over high school grades and the 71 percent increase of young boys who claim they just hate school. What do you think? Is this a "girls first" national school system? Most of our calls and e-mails said yes it is girls first and some said the cure would be an all-boys school with a circular to match the gender.

Kudos to Kiran who spelled E.D. today after two complete "Friends" shows over the weekend. Personal thanks to Steve Doocy and producer Jose Lesh for trucking to Teaneck, New Jersey, to watch my 9-year-old soccer squad lose to Manhattan in the finals of our indoor tournament. Special thanks to you too for snatching up "The Games Do Count" and keeping me running to my local Barnes & Noble to personalize your autograph requests (BrianKilmeade.com). Tuesday brings the great Tiki Barber back and his lovely wife will be a guest as well. Mike Ditka is among the many guests we plan on bringing to your living room so see you bright and early!


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