Watch 5-foot-8 C.J. Anderson deny Harlem Globetrotter's dunk attempt

Like the rest of the Denver Broncos, running back C.J. Anderson is on top of the world after winning his first Super Bowl. Although he's not the biggest guy on the team at just 5-foot-8, his bulldozing running style and 90 yards on the ground helped the Broncos dominate the Carolina Panthers.

Being a smaller running back hasn't hurt his production in the NFL, but one can assume it'd be tough for him to hold up amongst the giants in the NBA. If he were to play pro basketball, he'd be the 10th shortest player in league history.

He can still swat with the best of them, though.

While hanging out with the Harlem Globetrotters on Wednesday, Anderson nearly fell victim to their cruel dunk trick -- the key word being "nearly."

Anderson showed cat-like reflexes getting his left hand up to deny the slam attempt. When you're a Super Bowl champion -- as Kevin Garnett once said -- "Anything is possible!"