Robinson Cano, baseball's new $240M man, brushed back over child support

Baseball superstar Robinson Cano just signed a $240 million contract, but the mother of his three-year-old son says she's lucky when the second baseman makes his $600-per-month child support payments on time, according to a report.

Jackelin Castro told the New York Daily News the slick-fielding slugger and new member of the Seattle Mariners is a cheapskate when it comes to supporting his little boy. She spoke out Thursday after a judge in Santo Domingo doubled the monthly obligation to $1,200, the paper reported. But in the past, the ballplayer's former flame says the payments always seem to come late.

“It’s never consistent,” Castro told the newspaper, adding that little Robinson should have better living conditions than the small home in San Pedro de Macoris.

Castro, 38, said the additional funds are needed to provide for the future of of little Robinson Miguel Cano.

“All we can do is try to provide a sufficient amount to the child for his future,” Castro’s attorney, Wendy Diaz, told the Daily News. “Sadly, we cannot force a judge to tell Robinson to love his son more. We want to secure the boy’s future and have something saved for him. This is a step toward providing that.”

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Cano, 31, who made $15 million last season with the New York Yankees and whose new contract is the fourth-richest in baseball history, downplayed the deadbeat charge.

“My family is more happy that I got what I want here, not just about any money,” Cano told reporters in Seattle.

Castro said she has been struggling to raise her son on the amount Cano has been paying. Her only other income she receives per month is $100 from the Dominican Ministry of Sports for training and coaching volleyball, which she used to play.

The next court date is scheduled for Jan. 23 and Cano is expected to attend that hearing, said Diaz, adding that she’s uncertain if Cano will fight the court’s decision.

“We will have to show in court the money that Jackelin is getting, and the money that Robinson is making, including the new contract that he just signed,” Diaz said. “We’re talking about someone who made $15 million last season. Robinson, the son, he doesn’t have a secure income as of now. That’s a shame.”

Cano, meanwhile, told reporters he thought he would never leave New York, but that he felt the Yankees never truly wanted him back, despite a top offer of $175 million over seven years.

“I didn’t feel respect,” he said. “I didn’t get respect from them and I didn’t see any effort.”