Report: Elin leaves alone on jet Sunday

Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, was spotted Sunday afternoon taking off in a private jet from an Orlando, Fla., airport as the serial cheater finished up the Masters, the New York Post reported Monday.

The flight details were unknown, but she was definitely flying solo, leaving the couple's two kids in the care of nannies at their Florida estate, Radar Online reported Sunday.

While Woods spent the week in the spotlight, slogging through his first golf tournament since receiving sex-addiction counseling, Nordegren was privately dealing with her own emotions.

Earlier in the week, she broke into tears when she watched the now-famous black-and-white Nike commercial of Woods that coincided with his return, according to reports. In the much-derided ad, Tiger's dad, Earl Woods, seems to speak to him from beyond the grave.

The audio of Earl Woods was taken from a 2004 interview, but it is used in the clip to refer to his philandering. In it, he asks his son, "Did you learn anything?"

Nordegren told friends she received an advance copy of the commercial and started weeping when she heard his words, the British newspaper the Daily Mirror reported Sunday.

"She started to cry. She said the tears just started streaming," a pal of Nordegren's told the paper.

The normally stoic Swede told friends she was caught off guard by her reaction.

"She was surprised at her outburst of emotion. She is normally very restrained," the pal said.

"But she really loved Earl and she misses him -- mourned was the word she used."