Giants WR Victor Cruz Salsas With Fans (Video)

Victor Cruz - the pride of Paterson, N.J. - gave Giants fans a salsa lesson inside the Modell's in Times Square. (VIDEO BELOW)

Cruz dances the salsa when he scores touchdowns, which this season has happened nine times. Cruz is probably the biggest difference between this year's team and the one that one Super Bowl XLII.

He went from an undrafted receiver to one of the biggest stars on the Giants run to the big "dance," if you'll pardon the pun.

Cruz hasn't scored a touchdown yet in the playoffs. He would like to change that so he can bust into the salsa.

In an interview with Fox News Latino in January, Cruz said he learned Salsa from his grandmother.

"My grandmother, when I was growing up, you know how they would always put that music on during the weekends, she would grab me up and we would start dancing," he said.

"We used to always get down. Somebody brought it up to me that I should do some of that in the end zone."

New York Giants' Victor Cruz Dances to Family Beat

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