Former All-Star closer Brian Wilson attempting a comeback as a knuckleballer

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Fear the Beard's knuckleball? Maybe.

Former San Francisco Giants All-Star closer Brian Wilson, one of the most eccentric guys in MLB during his playing days from 2006 to 2014, is looking to get back to the bigs with a knuckler, per Yahoo Sports' Tim Brown. Wilson first dabbled with the pitch when he was 12 and continued to toy with it in San Francisco, but the Giants were content with his diet of heaters and sliders.

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Wilson has endured two Tommy John surgeries -- first in college and then early in 2012 -- before signing with the Dodgers, with whom he posted a 4.66 ERA in 2014. Now he's 34, hasn't thrown an MLB pitch since September 2014, and is itching for baseball again.

At least the ligament in his right elbow is relatively fresh.

Wilson has already thrown for a couple teams and has shown the ability to locate the pitch and change speeds. Is he good enough to be a starter or perhaps a long reliever? At least there's precedent.

The more familiar story is that of R.A. Dickey, who went from the minors to a 37-year-old NL Cy Young winner after mastering the knuckleball in 2012. More recently, 32-year-old Boston Red Sox starter Steven Wright adopted his knuckler full-time in 2011 and became an All-Star in 2016.

It would be nice to see Wilson back out there. Baseball can never have too many lovable oddballs.