F1 bringing in too many changes, Trulli says

MILAN (Reuters) - Team Lotus driver Jarno Trulli says too many changes have been brought into Formula One for 2011 and that having two teams carrying the Lotus name is "embarrassing and surreal".

"There are too many new things, from aerodynamics to tyres to KERS. We talk about saving money but each year the rules change, people don't understand, it becomes less of a show," the 36-year-old Italian told Sunday's Gazzetta Sportiva newspaper.

Team Lotus will race against the rebranded Lotus Renault this season following a row over the use of the name. The former have backed down from a plan to use the same black-and-gold colours on their cars and will instead go for green livery.

"Which is the real one? We don't know, it's embarrassing, surreal," added Trulli, who said his team did not have a car launch date yet because many workers were still on holiday.

The cars will be ready for the first tests at the start of February and Trulli, who has bought a hotel in Davos, Switzerland, and is eyeing a future in Nascar, is desperate to avoid finishing with no points as he and team mate Heikki Kovalainen did last year.

"One year I can suffer, another one no," he said. "When I started there was a lot of quality because many constructors tried to get winning drivers. Now the budgets of many teams are determined by the sponsorships brought in by drivers."

(Reporting by Mark Meadows; Editing by Clare Fallon)