Belichick: Regular-season blowout of Texans 'I don't think anybody really cares'

To hear Bill Belichick glumly address reporters on Monday, you'd think the Houston Texans blew out the Patriots in the regular season and not the other way around.

The New England coach says, "I don't think anybody really cares" about what happened in Week 14. That was when the Patriots beat Houston 42-14.

But now that the teams are getting ready to play in the second round of the NFL playoffs, Belichick says that game wasn't "significant."

Quarterback Tom Brady said in his weekly radio appearance on Monday that the Dec. 10 game won't have any bearing on what happens Sunday. He said on WEEI that Belichick will treat the tape from that game just like the others, using it to point out what they did right and wrong.