Hoyer Says Calls for Wu to Resign Are Premature

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) dismissed suggestions that Rep. David Wu (D-OR) step down after concerns were raised about the mental health of the Oregon Democrat by aides and campaign staff. Wu says doctors are treating him for an undisclosed mental condition.

"I think the discussion of resignation is premature," said Hoyer. "He says he is seeking mental health services. You have a broken arm, you get it fixed."

A picture of Wu wearing tiger costume for Halloween went viral after the Oregonian newspaper reported last month that aides begged the Congressman to seek medical attention for his condition just before the midterm election.

"If Mr. Wu needs help, we need to make sure he gets it. Talk of resignation is not appropriate at this time," Hoyer said.

On Monday, Wu told Portland's KATU-TV that he spent time in the hospital in 2008 after suffering a bad reaction to prescriptions for Ambien and Valium.