Catholic University Faces Lawsuit over Same-sex Dorms

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

That's what George Washington University Law Professor, John Banzhaf, said in an interview Sunday with Fox News about his intent to sue Catholic University of America President John Garvey for requiring all dormitories to be single-sex.

Starting this fall, CUA's housing system will reinstate an old policy of gender-segregated dorms. In a Wall Street Journal article, Garvey stressed the need to return to Catholic values, saying the change would work to reduce binge drinking and promiscuous sex.

Fox News contributor Father John Morris told Banzhaf he agrees with the CUA position. "It is not only about teaching the faith, it is not only about being an excellent academic institution, but creating a culture in which our students become mature, smart properly formed Catholics," Morris said.

But Banzhaf maintained that Garvey's decision was not motivated by Catholic values but purely for secular reasons. Claiming the switch back to same-sex dorms ultimately violates human rights, Banzhaf said the University's inability to publicly confront the possibility of a law suit proves their guilt.

However, CUA is holding its ground and standing by its new president. Victor Nakas, Associate Vice President for Public Affairs releasing the following statement to Fox:

"The University remains confident that the law does not require that men and women be housed together in residence halls. It is moving ahead with its plans to house the incoming class of freshmen in single-sex residence halls when they arrive on campus next month."