7,000 Turn Out For Bernie Sanders In Maine

Less than a week after 10,000 people turned out for a campaign rally for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in Madison, Wisc., the self-proclaimed socialist attracted a crowd of 7,500 in Portland, Maine, according to The Hill.

Sanders has also drawn crowds of 5,000 in Denver and 2,500 in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign said that a crowd of 5,500 attended its kick-off rally last month on New York City’s Roosevelt Island, which has been her most publicized campaign event to date.

Sanders has stuck to his populist message of believing that the middle class will thrive if the income inequality in this country is shrunk.

“From Maine to California … the American people understand that establishment politics and establishment economics is not working for the middle class,” Sanders exclaimed during his speech in Maine Monday. “They understand that the greed of Wall Street and the greed of corporate America is destroying the middle class of this country.”

His speech was also broadcast on his website.

A RealClearPolitics average of polls conducted between June 11 and June 28 shows Sanders with 14.3 percent, second to Clinton’s 62.8 percent.

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