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Canadian truckers: Police begin arresting protesters blocking US-Canada bridge: LIVE UPDATES

Anti-vaccine mandate protesters remained blocking the Ambassador Bride connecting Ontario, Canada, to Detroit, on Saturday even as Canadian authorities began enforcing a court order for the illegal demonstration to move off the bridge.


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Ontario premier issues statement on 'illegal blockades' in Ottawa and Windsor

Ontario Premier Doug Ford issued a statement on the Freedom Convoy on Sunday, saying they are "illegal blockades."

"I want to commend and thank the Windsor Police, OPP, RCMP, and all frontline officers who worked throughout the weekend to bring a peaceful end to the illegal blockade at the Ambassador Bridge," he tweeted. "I will also continue to support Mayor Watson and the Ottawa Police in their efforts to bring the occupation in that city to an end. To those still there, you have been heard and it's time to go."

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Canadian parliament member announces that Conservatives force vote to remove virus restrictions

A Conservative member of the Canadian House of Commons has announced that Conservatives have forced a vote to remove all federal coronavirus mandates and restrictions.

"The vote will take place Monday afternoon, and I will proudly vote in favour of freedom," Blake Richards tweeted.

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PICTURES: Freedom Convoy protesters gather near Buffalo Peace Bridge

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Bridge blockade protesters speak out after police move in

WINDSOR, Ontario – Demonstrators at the Ambassador Bridge blockade in Windsor, Canada, slammed law enforcement and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after police cleared the protest Sunday morning.

"This is Canada, it's supposed to be a free country," one 83 year-old-man named Joachim Machnic told Fox News. "We have the right to protest" and "now we're even being denied the place to protest."

The Ambassador Bridge, which connects roughly one-quarter of Canada-U.S. trade, has been blocked for nearly a week by demonstrators advocating for an end to COVID-19 mandates. On Friday, a Canadian court ordered protesters vacate the area. 

Police began enforcing the order Saturday morning, but many demonstrators still remained that evening.

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Freedom Convoy and Ottawa Mayor come to agreement and consolidate protests around Parliament Hill

Organizers of the Freedom Convoy and the Ottawa Mayor have come to an agreement on protest placement in exchange for a meeting.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson sent a letter to the organizers of the Freedom Convoy on Saturday and said that he would agree to a meeting, if the following conditions were met:

"Remove all trucks from the residential districts south of Wellington Street, and from all other residential areas including the market, the Ottawa Baseball Stadium on Coventry, etc.;"

"Agree to not backfill the residential areas currently occupied with trucks, other vehicles and/or demonstrators; and"

"Agree to not displace the truck convoy, vehicles and/or demonstrators to other residential areas in the city of Ottawa."

Watson said that he wants to see "clear evidence" that the trucker convoy is leaving residential areas by Monday, and also asked the protesters to stop asking more individuals to join them in Ottawa.

"I look forward to your protest movement  meaningfully delivering on these steps as a show of goodwill towards our community. Once there is clear evidence that you have delivered on these commitments, I am prepared to meet with you in a timely fashion," Watson wrote.

A follow-up letter to Watson from organizers of the Freedom Convoy states that they "agree with your request to reduce pressure on the residents and businesses in the City of Ottawa."

"We have made a plan to consolidate our protest efforts around Parliament Hill. We will be working hard over the next 24 hours to get buy in from the truckers. We hope to start repositioning our trucks on Monday," the organizers wrote. "We look forward to meeting with you to discuss the issues raised by the truckers."

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VIDEO: Protestor arrested near Ambassador Bridge

Video shows Canadian police arresting a protestor near the Ambassador Bridge on Sunday morning.

Police began arresting protestors associated with the Canadian truckers' protest Sunday. Police advised the public to avoid the area and said they are taking a "zero tolerance" policy toward "illegal activity." 

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Canadian police begin arresting protestors blocking bridge at US-Canadian border

Police in Canada have begun arresting protesters blocking the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Canada to Detroit.

"Enforcement actions continue at the demonstration area with arrests being made. Vehicles being towed. Please continue avoiding the area," the Windsor Police tweeted early Sunday morning. 

The arrests come after a Canadian judge ordered the protesters to vacate the area on Friday. Windsor Police said Sunday morning they are taking a "zero tolerance" policy toward "illegal activity." 

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The crowd of protesters at the Ambassador Bridge thinned in the early hours of Sunday to less than 70, according to CBC reporter Jacob Barker. Police remain in a stalemate with protesters, but the atmosphere has been mostly friendly, he reported.

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Canadian police begin making arrests at bridge, protesters remain

Several hours after a court-ordered deadline and an emergency declaration in Ottawa Friday night, Canadian law enforcement began making arrests, issuing citations and towing cars at the scene of the illegal protest on the Ambassador Bride connecting Canada to Michigan Saturday.

Nevertheless, many protesters have remained, according to the Detroit News.

“We’re here for whatever it takes,” Denise Carlson, who joined the protest Saturday, said. “We’re staying right here.”

Canadian police have also been criticized for waiting several hours to enforce the deadlines.

"At what point does the failure or unwillingness of a police service to enforce a court ordered injunction cross over to contempt of court?" Paula Simons, of the Canadian senate tweeted.

The protesters have also blocked two other international border crossings in Manitoba and have caused shortages of auto parts that have forced General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Honda to close plants or cancel shifts. It could also further supply chain issues.

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