Newlywed with terminal cancer teaching husband how to date

It’s only been one month since Sarah and Lee Reed exchanged vows, but now the newlywed with terminal cancer is re-teaching her husband the dos and don’ts of dating in hopes that he’ll land a partner after her death. Sarah, 37, has just months to live, and is desperate for 26-year-old Lee to find a girlfriend suitable for him and her 10-year-old autistic daughter, Chloe, The Scottish Sun reported.

Sarah, who lives in the U.K., was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, two years after the pair had gotten together, according to the news outlet. Despite years of chemotherapy and radiation, doctors discovered the cancer had spread to her lungs and ovaries and told her it was incurable, according to The Scottish Sun.


Sarah set up a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising enough money for treatment at the Hallwang Clinic in Germany. She blogs regularly about her treatments in a Facebook group titled “My battle.”

“The hardest thing about this is being a parent and having to explain to my 10 year old autistic daughter that mummy is going to die,” Sarah wrote on the GoFundMe page.

The couple applied to Gift Of A Wedding, a charity that helps partners facing terminal illnesses, and in the lead up to the big day, Sarah focused on teaching Lee the ropes of dating.

“It had taken him ages to get together with me and on the first date he’d not brought his wallet, so I knew he needed some help,” Sarah told The Scottish Sun. “I explained I needed to know he would be happy again and that would help make sure Chloe was happy too.”


Sarah instructed Lee to sign up for online dating and is focused on coaching him through the initial first-date process.

“It might sound crazy teaching my man how to meet a new woman when we have only just got married, but I need to know he will be happy after me,” she told The Scottish Sun. “Life must carry on for them so I’m helping the only way I knew how. He’ll make an incredible husband for one lucky woman.”

Sarah told the news outlet that Lee was “horrified” at first, but has since accepted his wife’s help.

“When Sarah told me I had to meet someone else I was upset but I understood it’s her way of looking after me,” Lee told The Scottish Sun. “In my eyes she is irreplaceable and iw ant to be her husband for as long as possible.”