Hospital Staff Caught Storing Caviar in Morgue

Two Russian men were caught storing caviar for a New Year's Eve party alongside bodies in a morgue refrigerator.

A 64-year-old funeral business owner and a 42-year-old morgue attendant stashed the 385 pounds of red and black caviar in the morgue of the St. Petersburg hospital where they worked, The Moscow Times reported.

Police said Wednesday that the men "stored and packed red and black caviar next to the corpses inside the morgue's pathology department."

A police video leaked to a Russian news website showed the jars of caviar next to a body.

The men claimed the large supply of the delicacy was "meant for their private use to celebrate the new year and a party for the hospital personnel," police said.

Authorities now are checking to see if sanitary laws were broken or any of the caviar was bought on the black market. Less than 10 percent of black caviar sold in Russia last year was done so legally.

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