Lady Gaga postpones first stop on her Dive Bar Tour

Lady Gaga is changing up her 2017 Dive Bar Tour before it even begins. The singer announced that the first stop on her series of small-scale shows, before her worldwide tour, will be postponed.

Gaga was set to perform at a small bar in Las Vegas on Thursday.

A statement released Tuesday said the singer is "deep in rehearsals for her world tour and is working to reschedule a date as soon as possible." Her world tour is scheduled to start Aug. 1 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The singer did a similar bar tour last fall to coincide with the release of her album "Joanne."  In June, she announced that she’d be taking her music to more intimate locations once again.

"All the time, I think about how I started out in my career, and I was just playing in bars downtown in New York -- and you miss that, you know?" Gaga told Billboard about her decision to scale back for the Dive Bar Tour 2017. "It's a very wonderful, intimate connection that you get to make with the audience."

Fortunately, Las Vegas fans will have another opportunity to catch a Gaga performance. Her world tour is scheduled to stop at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Aug. 11.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.