World Series' #ChevyGuy an internet, marketing hit

Chevy may have dropped the ball, but it’s rolling with it.

Last night while presenting World Series MVP Madison Baumgarner with a brand new Chevrolet Colorado pickup to go along with his trophy, regional zone manager Rikk Wilde looked a little out of his element, and stumbled through his speech.

Wilde said of the truck, “it combines class leading winning, um, you know, technology and stuff, with WiFi powered by OnStar,” while discussing the features of the new small pickup.

The performance earned him the Twitter hashtag #ChevyGuy which quickly trended, and was joined by #Technologyandstuff in the social media frenzy that followed.

But GM, and apparently Wilde, got in on the joke in a big way, updating the Colorado website with the tagline: You Know You Want a Truck, #TechnologyAndStuff.

Talk about taking advantage of an error, even your own.