Tom Selleck's 1953 Dodge Power Wagon trucking to the auction block

Next to Thomas Magnum's Ferrari, this may be the coolest vehicle Tom Selleck ever drove. Or the coolest…period.

A 1953 Dodge Power Wagon once owned by the mustachioed “Blue Bloods” star is set to be auctioned at the upcoming Barrett-Jackson Northeast event in Connecticut on Saturday, June 25th.

The bright red 4x4 pickup features a 230 cubic inch straight-six engine, four-speed manual transmission and two-speed transfer case. It has 18,960 miles on its odometer, but was restored less than 100 miles ago.

As a former fire service truck, it has a working siren and power take offs for its winch and auxiliary equipment, which includes a built-in water pump. It’s black vinyl upholstery and trim is new, but it still has its original steering wheel and dash. Its bed has been rebuilt and is floored with new 5/4 oak planks.

Barrett-Jackson doesn’t offer pre-sale estimates for its lots, but standard Power Wagons in top condition without the celebrity cache are currently worth around $46,500, according to Hagerty.


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