Marussia F1 cars and assets to be auctioned off in December

After officially closing their doors earlier this month, Marussia/Manor F1 team's cars and assets will be auctioned off in December. Details of the auction have been posted online by the company behind it, CA Global Partners.

The relatively short lead time to the December 16-17 event, which is by order of the administrators, effectively means that any chance of saving the team as a going concern is gone, unless things happen very quickly.

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The entire team is up for grabs including the 2014 chassis - but without the power units and ancillaries, which are owned by Ferrari. Also in the sale is the model of the 2015 car.

It remains to be seen whether talks are still ongoing to save the team. Nine days ago, CEO Graeme Lowdon told "There are various scenarios for the team, but to race it is very important to have a car ready for 2015, and that is what potential investors are interested in. They are interested in ensuring that work on the 2015 program can be resumed quickly. Don't count us out yet."

More details can be found here: