Egyptian media say election turnout was around 40 percent

Egypt's pro-government media say preliminary results of this week's presidential election show a landslide win for President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who faced no serious challenge, and a turnout hovering around 40 percent.

Vote counting began after polls closed late Wednesday, wrapping up three days of voting. Official results are expected on April 2.

Of the 59.7 million registered voters, the Al Masry Al Youm daily said Thursday that around 25 million cast their ballots. Another daily, Al Youm Al Sabea, said some 23 million voted.

Egyptian authorities went to great lengths to bolster turnout in a bid to give the election legitimacy.

El-Sissi's only opponent was a little-known politician who made no effort to challenge him. Several other presidential hopefuls were arrested or withdrew from the race under pressure.