Ex-president of Romania is now also citizen of Moldova

Traian Basescu, the ex-president of Romania, has become a Moldovan citizen and says he may get involved in politics in the troubled former Soviet republic.

Basescu and his wife Maria swore an oath at the Moldovan embassy in Bucharest Thursday where they were given citizenship of Moldova, formerly part of Romania.

As Romanian president from 2004-2014 Basescu promoted closer ties and said the neighbors should reunite. Under his presidency, hundreds of thousands of Moldovans became eligible for Romanian citizenship.

Basescu is running for the Senate in Romania's Dec. 11 elections. "I have to admit I also have political options in Moldova," he said.

Moldova will hold a presidential runoff on Nov. 13 pitting a candidate who favors closer ties with Russia against an ex-World Bank economist who wants to move closer to Europe.