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Freezing air to sweep into southern US this weekend prior to chilling East Coast

Following may weeks of above-average temperatures this autumn, a blast of air from Canada will bring a freeze to parts of the south-central United States and the chilliest conditions of the season so far to much of the East.

A southerly to southwesterly flow of air has been very persistent so far this autumn in much of the Central and Eastern states. That pattern will break down long enough to allow colder air to sweep southeastward from north-central Canada.

The change will be a bit of a shock to many in the South and the East that have grown accustomed to the warmth.

Static Cold Wave Timing

People who have gotten by without a jacket and long sleeves may have to change their attire to fit the change in the weather.

In addition to lower temperatures, dry air and a breeze at times may magnify the chill. AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures may be as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the actual temperature when the breeze is active.

In Dallas, high temperatures in the 80s will be replaced with highs within a few degrees of 60 on Friday and Saturday.

In Little Rock, Arkansas, temperatures will dip into the lower 30s Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings which may not only challenge record lows, but may also bring a freeze to some locations.

Static Frost Freeze This Weekend South

People may need to harvest warm weather fruit and vegetables, cover sensitive plants and bring potted plants indoors.

The chilly air will reach the Interstate 10 corridor as well, where temperatures will dip into the 40s and 50s in Houston and New Orleans this weekend into early next week.

The circulation around a potent storm with accumulating snow over the Upper Midwest will also send the chilly air farther to the east this weekend.

Following scattered frost in the Ohio Valley during the middle of this week and a dose of drenching rain to end the week, the second and colder wave of air will bring a freeze this weekend.

By Sunday morning, 30-degree temperatures will be recorded from Detroit and Cleveland to Pittsburgh, Nashville, Atlanta and Birmingham, Alabama.

Along the Atlantic Seaboard, the chilliest air will have to wait until early next week to settle in. This delay will be due to a last minute surge of tropical air and perhaps a tropical storm with heavy rain and gusty winds.

In the wake of the downpours, the chilly air will sweep toward the East Coast.

Despite a return of sunshine, highs will only be in the 60s in Charleston, South Carolina, and may be no better than the 50s in Washington, D.C., and New York City by Monday.

Temperatures may struggle to reach 70 in Orlando during the afternoons early next week.

The last stop for the chilly air will be New England on Tuesday and Wednesday. People may need to wear a sweatshirt and long pants to clean up fallen wet leaves and branches in the wake of the storm.