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More dry spells in store for France this week following wet start to January

Following wet weather that started the month, there will be more breaks between rain showers across much of France this week.

Lighter showers and less frequent storms will likely be welcome for many places across the country which have been very wet.

The city of Paris received more than 13 mm (0.52 of an inch) of rain over the weekend, bringing the monthly rainfall total to 48 mm (1.88 inches) of rain through 10 January. In comparison, the normal January rain total is 76 mm (about 3 inches).

Rainfall in Nantes has surpassed the city's average January rainfall. The average monthly rainfall is 71 mm (2.81 inches) during January, and the total for the first 10 days of the month is 90 mm (3.56 inches).

Some light showers will pass over the northern half of the country on Tuesday, with steadier rain remaining in the Alps of southeastern France.

A full day of dry weather is expected across much of central France on Wednesday. Basse-Normandi and Picardie to Auvergne and Rhone Alps will see a break in the wet weather, with sunshine in the forecast instead.

A few places will have brief showers on Wednesday. Showers will dampen Alsace and Lorraine in eastern France. There could also be an afternoon shower in western parts of Bretagne, Pays de la Loire, Poitou Charente and into Aquitaine. These showers will be very light, with less than 2 mm (0.10 of an inch) expected in most places.

On Thursday, widespread showers will return across much of the country. For the most part, showers will remain light across the southern half of the country.

However a squall line, or a line of gustier winds and storms, could develop across parts of northern France.

"A wave of energy could bring a squall line on Thursday morning. Showers could be heavy for Nord Pas de Calais to Ile de France in the morning," AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys said.

"Combined with the heavier rain, the brief period of gusty winds could bring down visibility for a time," Roys added.

The heaviest showers and wind will move into Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine throughout the morning, arriving in Alsace and northern Franche Comte by afternoon.

There could be some showers in southwestern France on Friday; otherwise, dry weather will return across the rest of the country. Along with the return of sunshine, temperatures will lower.

Parts of northeastern France will be below freezing on Friday, especially during the morning. This means that any standing water following the rain on Thursday could freeze and cause icy spots for the end of the week.