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10 of the most memorable weather photos of 2015

Weather around the world made headlines in 2015 as communities were ravaged by destructive flooding, severe storms and typhoons.

From dramatic flooding to deadly storms, take a look at 10 of the most compelling weather photos from 2015:

California experiences one of the most active wildfire seasons on record

A massive wildfire erupted in California on Sept. 12, burning thousands of acres and destroying hundreds of homes. Less than 100 miles from San Francisco, the Valley Fire became the third most destructive wildfire in California history after it claimed more than 1,900 structures. Some communities had just minutes to evacuate as the fire rapidly grew, eventually claiming more than 76,000 acres.

Tornado in Floresville, Texas, sends a car flying

While 2015 will likely close with the lowest U.S. tornado fatalities on record, severe weather still packed a punch across the country. In Floresville, Texas, a vigorous system sparked thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes. An EF2 tornado swept through the town, damaging the local high school and other local infrastructure.

Devastating flooding overtakes Chennai, India

A man carries a dog and wades through a flooded street in Chennai, in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015. (AP Photo)

In Chennai, India, persistent drenching rain led to catastrophic flooding across Tamil Nadu, displacing thousands of people. In November, Chennai reported 1,024 mm (40.31 inches) of rain, more than 300 percent of the normal rainfall that is expected for the entire month. The rainy pattern stretched into December as well. More than 12 inches (300 mm) of rain fell on Dec. 1, marking the city's wettest December day in more than 100 years.

Historic flooding sweeps South Carolina

Hurricane Joaquin-enhanced moisture combined with another storm system and delivered more than 20 inches of rain across some parts of South Carolina in early October. More than a dozen people were killed as a result and thousands were evacuated out of flooded neighborhoods. The vast majority of locations in South Carolina experienced a once-in-50-years to once-in-200-years event over a three-day period.

Gulf Coast marks 10 years since Hurricane Katrina

Nearly a decade after Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana, photographer Seph Lawless returned to New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward where effects of the devastating storm were still visible. As of June of 2015, the Lower Ninth Ward has recovered only 37 percent of its pre-Katrina population. For the City of New Orleans, 90 percent of the population has returned.

Deadly flooding ravages Houston

Abandoned cars piled up along major highways in Houston after intense rain created widespread flooding problems in late May. As a storm system stalled over the area, more than 10 inches of rain fell in western parts of the city. Eight people were killed and officials performed more than 500 water rescues across the region.

Heavy rain leads to flash flooding in France

Deadly flash flooding washed the French Riviera in early October, killing more than a dozen people. Cars were overturned and roads were covered in mud as water crashed into Cannes and other nearby areas in France.

An active typhoon season causes devastation across southeast Asia

Typhoon Koppu blasted the Philippines in mid-October, killing more than a dozen people. The West Pacific Ocean experienced an active typhoon season. Meanwhile in the Central Pacific Basin, a record 14 hurricanes developed in the typically calmer area. Unusually warm waters fueled the record-breaking activity.

Strongest hurricane on record forms in the Pacific

Off the western coast of Mexico, Hurricane Patricia was fueled by exceptionally warm ocean water and became the strongest hurricane ever recorded. Patricia made landfall on Friday, Oct. 23, near Cuixmala as a Category 5 hurricane. While initial widespread devastation was expected, major cities avoided a direct hit and Mexican officials did not report any deaths related to the storm.

Worcester, Massachusetts, sits under mountains of snow

As Boston endured its snowiest winter on record, nearby Worcester, Massachusetts, accomplished their own winter feat. In late January, a powerful storm dumped more than 34 inches of snow across the town, breaking the previous record from 1997.