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Cleveland, Detroit Up Next For Strong Storms

Stormy weather will return to the Great Lakes to close out the week with thunderstorms blowing through on Friday.

Friday's storms can interrupt travel, daily routines or early weekend activities from central Illinois to western New York.

The first half of the day looks to be the best opportunity for people looking to accomplish work or spend some time in the outdoors before thunderstorms move in for the afternoon and evening.

The system responsible for the storms has a history of producing damaging storms. Earlier in the week, it brought severe storms and flooding rain to the central Plains as it slowly tracked across the region.

The journey across the Plains has weakened the system, meaning that Friday's storms are not likely to be as potent as those that developed farther west earlier in the week.

However, damaging winds and blinding downpours should still be anticipated through the evening hours as the storms develop and push eastward.

It is possible that some of the storms can continue to push eastward across New York throughout the night before weakening, but these should stay well north of New York City.

The threat of thunderstorms will decrease heading into Saturday, although they will not be absent from the region.

A few showers and thunderstorms may linger over Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, through the first half of the weekend.

Fortunately for those looking to spend time outside, much of the day should be rain-free with thunderstorms only causing temporary disruptions to activities.

More showers and thunderstorms will be around on Sunday, but similar to Saturday, the second half of the weekend is not forecast to be a wash out.

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