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Damaging Wind Outbreak Threatens Midwest, Northeast

An outbreak of damaging winds threatens to sweep across the Midwest on Sunday with the danger reaching the Northeast Sunday night through Monday.

The strength of the impending winds threaten to cause tree damage, power outages, flight delays and dangerous crosswinds for high-profile vehicles. Falling trees can lead to addition damage or bodily harm.

Many gusts will range between 40 and 55 mph, but can be locally higher.

A handful of thunderstorms with damaging winds will actually erupt Saturday afternoon across northern Missouri and eastern Iowa. Kansas City, Mo., and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, lie within this zone.

Saturday night, damaging winds will threaten Missouri, including St. Louis and Springfield, and the lower Ohio Valley.

The danger will expand across more of the lower Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and western Tennessee Valley on Sunday, then the upper Great Lakes and Northeast Sunday night through Monday.

Away from the western and upper Great Lakes where the wind threat will be more prolonged, this will be a brief damaging wind event that is produced by severe thunderstorms and gusty showers accompanying a cold front tracking toward the East Coast.

Interesting to note that on Saturday, NOAA's Storm Prediction Center issued their farthest north November Day 2 (Sunday in this case) moderate risk zone for severe weather since 1998. meteorologists have included Chicago, Indianapolis, Nashville, Cincinnati and Detroit in Sunday's damaging wind threat zone.

The winds could create problems for kickers, quarterbacks and receivers as the Chicago Bears host the Baltimore Ravens Sunday afternoon.

Gusty winds will be blowing as the Steelers play the Detroit Lions in Pittsburgh and the Bengals take on the Cleveland Browns in Cincinnati, but the damaging wind threat will come after the game concludes.

One or two of the severe thunderstorms producing Sunday's damaging winds will also spawn a tornado.

"The low tornado threat will continue the trend of a historically low year for tornadoes across the United States," stated Meteorologist Andy Mussoline.

Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Toronto will be subject to the winds Sunday evening, followed by Albany, Montreal and Philadelphia late Sunday night.

The winds are set to whip New York City, Boston and Portland Monday morning, creating headaches for commuters.

Colder air in the wake of the front will sweep away the mild air starting the weekend and ignite more snow showers downwind of the Great Lakes.