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Tropical Storm Forming In The Western Pacific

A storm is looking to form in the West Pacific by Monday, EDT, that could affect Taiwan or coastal China by the end of the week.

A mass of clouds near Guam is pushing eastward and developing more and more spin with it. As it does develop more and more spin, the threat for this to be the next named storm of the season grows.

Should this develop into a tropical storm, the name will be Soulik.

This system is over some very favorable water with temperatures above 80 degrees. Winds across the area are weak, allowing for the storm to develop a stronger circulation. And finally, the storms are wrapping around the system and looking to allow the storm to strengthen.

Though the exact track is hard to determine now until the storm develops more, we are looking at this storm to continue to push off to the west and eventually move close to mainland Asia.

This storm could eventually affect Taiwan and even mainland China by the end of the week and into the weekend.

The above image is from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

Though this storm is not likely to develop into a major storm, any affects to China or Taiwan are likely to bring heavy rainfall, stronger wind gusts and even some higher surf at the coastline.