FOX NEWS FIRST: #MeToo movement dominates Golden Globes; Bannon regrets Trump comments

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Developing now, Monday, Jan. 8, 2018:

  • The 75th annual Golden Globes Awards focuses almost entirely on sexual harassment in Hollywood as "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" wins best picture
  • Steve Bannon expresses "regret" over comments in Trump White House tell-all book
  • President Trump reschedules announcement of "Fake News Awards"
  • A U.S. Navy plane joins the search for 32 sailors after Iranian tanker collides with freighter off the coast of China
  • SpaceX launches rocket carrying classified info for U.S. government

THE LEAD STORY: The fierce revenge tale "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" was named best picture at the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards, which focused almost entirely on the growing topic of sexual harassment in show business ... Host Seth Meyers took the stage at the beginning of the night by greeting the crowd as “Ladies and remaining gentlemen.” The Globes had long been the stomping grounds of disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein, whose downfall precipitated allegations against James Toback, Kevin Spacey and many others. Weinstein presided over two decades of Globes winners and was well-known for his manipulation of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the 89-member group that puts on the Globes. 

Oprah Winfrey may have stolen the show when she was honored with Cecil B. DeMille award for her contributions to the world of entertainment. In her very impassioned acceptance speech, she focused on the "#MeToo" movement and noted that she is the first black woman to win this award, which she hoped may inspire young girls. "Oprah 2020" anyone?

"SLOPPY" MISGIVINGS: Steve Bannon appeared to try to make amends on Sunday when expressed “regret” for unflattering comments attributed to him in the recently released Trump White House tell-all “Fire and Fury." But is the fiery rift between Trump and his former political strategist truly irreparable? ... Bannon conceded he should have responded sooner to the controversy, saying in a statement to Axios, "My support is also unwavering for the president and his agenda." Bannon infuriated Trump with comments he made to author Michael Wolff describing a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer as "treasonous" and "unpatriotic." Since the book was officially published Friday, President Trump repeatedly called Bannon “Sloppy Steve” and said he cried when he fired him last year from his White House job.

SEARCH AND RESCUE: A U.S. Navy reconnaissance plane joined the hunt Sunday for 32 sailors after an Iranian tanker collided with a Chinese freighter off China’s eastern coast, catching fire and spilling oil into the sea ... The crew — 30 Iranians and two Bangladeshis — on the tanker Sanchi was traveling from Iran to South Korea when it crashed into the Hong Kong-registered freighter CF Crystal in East China Sea, 160 miles off the coast of Shanghai, China’s Ministry of Transport said. All 32 people on the Sanchi were missing as of Sunday, but the 21 crew members of the Crystal — carrying grain brought from the United States — were rescued.

"FAKE NEWS AWARDS" COMING SOON: President Trump said he’ll delay the announcement of his promised Fake News Awards for "the most corrupt & biased of the Mainstream Media" by more than a week ... Trump tweeted last week that he would announce the awards today, a day when Sunday's Golden Globe awards could dominate much of the news cycle. On Sunday afternoon, he rescheduled the announcement. “The Fake News Awards, those going to the most corrupt & biased of the Mainstream Media, will be presented to the losers on Wednesday, January 17th, rather than this coming Monday,” Trump tweeted. “The interest in, and importance of, these awards is far greater than anyone could have anticipated!”

SECRETS IN SPACE: SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket Sunday from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying into orbit a top-secret satellite codenamed Zuma ... Five minutes into the flight, SpaceX ended commentary due to the satellite’s classified status. Northrop Grumman provided the satellite, but details on which government agency commissioned it remain a secret. The Zuma spacecraft’s destination remains unknown. 



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AMERICA FIRST: "The American people will not tolerate the president going along with a plan that does not include border security." – Conservative commentator Lawrence Jones, debating Chuck Rocha, a former campaign surrogate of Sen. Bernie Sanders, over border security and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy on "Fox & Friends Weekend." WATCH


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