Robbery - Theft

Thief gets locked in vault during attempted heist

Fatima Milanovic

Fatima Milanovic  (Palm Beach County Jail)

A Florida woman’s plan to rob a jewelry shop was foiled when she got locked in the store’s vault.

Fatima Milanovic, 46, tried to dupe the owner of ECJ Luxe Collection in Boca Raton, but her scheme to steal more than $6 million in diamonds didn’t work out as planned, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Owner Vladislav Yampolski said he knew something was off when Milanovic visited the store on March 18 claiming to represent a buyer, but didn’t bring any equipment to examine the jewels.

“She came here to inspect stones without bringing any tools, no magnifying glass, no diamond dealers loop, nothing, so it was obvious she was about to pull something,” Yampolski said.

According to Yampolski, he took her to look at the jewels inside the store’s vault, where she kept trying to distract him. Meanwhile, she allegedly had a replica package with fake stones inside of her bag.

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