In “Ghostbusters,” the evil god that tried to destroy New York City was said to be more than 6,000 years old. That’s how old you might feel upon learning that this week is the 30th anniversary of the release of ”Ghostbusters.”

Instead of spending the occasion lamenting your expiring youth, why not celebrate with a “Ghostbusters”-themed pilgrimage through New York City? After all, the city where Bill Murray and Co. saved the lives of millions of registered voters is more than just any old movie setting. It provides the movie’s funniest running joke: how New Yorkers treated a massive paranormal invasion as another annoying price of big-city living — like subway rats, sky-high rents, and groups who walk side-by-side on the sidewalk (seriously, someone needs to start a business that busts them).

So when you cross that other stream — the Hudson River — into New York City, hit these essential spots for your “Ghostbusters” Birthday Pilgrimage.