Tom Coughlin: 'It's my fault at the end of the game'

After Sunday Night's loss to the Dallas Cowboys in devastating fashion, the New York Giants weren't short on key leaders willing to take the blame. Quarterback Eli Manning blames himself for the loss, and head coach Tom Coughlin feels the same way about his impact on the final score.

"It's my fault at the end of the game," Coughlin said to reporters after the loss, per Gregg Rosenthal of "There's nobody else to blame but me. I take full responsibility for it because the strategy was wrong at the end."

The strategy that Coughlin is referring to regards the Giants' decision to throw the football and a third down play at the Cowboys' 1-yard line. Up three points with about a minute and a half remaining, Coughlin takes the blame for opting to throw the football.

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The play broke down from the start, and Manning threw the ball out of bounds. If the Giants had ran the ball and were stopped against short of the end zone, they could have let the clock tick down to about 50 seconds.

In a game where every second counted, this game will be a difficult one to erase from the memory bank. Coughlin told reporters after the game that his decision "will stick with me" for a while. Coughlin and the Giants need to put this game behind them and prepare for their Week 2 opponent -- the Atlanta Falcons.

(h/t NFL)