Spitzer reportedly accused of threatening to knife man's crotch

Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer allegedly threatened to stab a restaurant’s patron’s crotch for admiring his longtime archenemy-- Home Depot founder Kenneth Langone, The New York Post reported.

Jamie Antolini, who was dining with potential business partners, told the paper he was verbally ambushed by Spitzer at Avra Madison Estiatorio restaurant last week.

"I’ll get a f–king knife and stab you right in your f-----g c--k!” Antolini told the paper, recalling what he claims Spitzer said.

Spitzer, who resigned in 2008 amid revelations of being a high-priced prostitution patron, reportedly walked by Antolini’s table and heard him calling Langone an “amazing guy” and that “Ken Langone should have been president.”

The comments reportedly enraged Spitzer, prompting him to lean into the man’s face and allegedly yell, “I don’t know who the f–k you think you are! I’ll f-----g have you killed!”

Spitzer then left, but later came back to the table with more expletive threats, including threatening to knife Antolini’s private parts, the report said.

The incident reported lasted about 20 minutes, and ended when restaurant’s security escorted Spitzer from the premises, Antolini told the New York Daily News. “I never left my seat. When the video tapes come out, it will show I sat in my chair with a glass of wine in my hand.”

There were no police reports filed after the incident.

Lisa Linden, Spitzer’s spokeswoman, denied that her boss started the confrontation and said he was out celebrating his mother’s 90th birthday.

“The patron persisted in making aggressive remarks, which Mr. Spitzer initially ignored. An argument ensued, but at no time did he make any threats,” Linden said in a statement, according to the Daily News.

The incident last week occurred just days before former escort Svetlana Travis Zakharova, who accused the former governor of choking her, gave the police a recording where Spitzer is heard threatening her with death, the Post reported.

“You know what’s going to happen to you? You’re going to be f–king dead,” he allegedly says in the recording. “You’re going to die a slow painful death and your family is going to look at you and laugh because you’re a f-----g b–­h.”

Lukas Mikelionis is a reporter for FoxNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @LukasMikelionis.