DC Metro proposes cutting 1,000 employees due to budget woes

The Washington Metrorail has proposed terminating 1,000 employees as a way to cut costs in fiscal year 2018, when the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority faces a nearly $300 million budget gap.

The D.C. Metro published a document on Sunday listing its options for continuing operations in the midst of a severe pinch in funding due to significant costs to repair parts of the system. In addition to cutting employees, staffers would lose some or all of their healthcare benefits.

Rail service would also be more limited, increasing wait times for trains starting in July 2017, when the new fiscal year commences. During peak hours, trains would operate every two to four minutes at stations served by multiple lines. For single line stations, service would take place every eight minutes instead of every six minutes. Rush trains would be completely eliminated.

The only upside for riders is on the Blue Line, where trains currently operate every 12 minutes.

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