SC Governor Nikki Haley Opens Up Her Home to Newt Gingrich

COLUMBIA, SC - GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is taking up South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley's offer to stay at the Governor's mansion. Gingrich will spend the evening at Haley's residence with his wife, Callista after screening their documentary "A City Upon a Hill" in Columbia on Tuesday.

"Governor Haley welcomes each Republican presidential candidate to our great state and has extended invitations for them to stay at the mansion. The governor looks forward to hosting the Gingrichs," said Haley spokesman, Rob Godfrey.

Gingrich will be the second candidate to stay at the Governor's mansion, after Congresswoman Michele Bachmann stayed there in July. The GOP candidates are hard at work angling for Haley's much anticipated endorsement in this early primary state.

Tension between the Governor and former speaker grew in May after Haley publicly admonished Gingrich after he called Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan "right wing social engineering" and "radical change."

"What he said was absolutely unfortunate," said Haley in May. "Here you've got Representative Ryan trying to bring common sense to this world of insanity, and Newt absolutely cut him off at the knees."

Even candidates spouses are taking Haley up on this offer to stay at the mansion: last week Ann Romney, wife of GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, stayed overnight at the Governors home. The two have been reported to be longtime friends. More candidates are anticipated to stay at the mansion as campaigning continues in this crucial primary state.

Gingrich and his wife will spend Tuesday and Wednesday in South Carolina for two screenings of his documentary and a town hall meeting.