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Shia LaBeouf's 'Man Down' sells 3 tickets in UK release

Shia LaBeouf in a scene from "Man Down."

Shia LaBeouf in a scene from "Man Down."  (Lionsgate Premiere )

Shia LaBeouf's war thriller "Man Down" managed to triple its ticket sales from one to three.

The film, which also stars Gary Oldman and Kate Mara, sold one ticket its opening weekend in the U.K. after being released in one movie theater.

"I think we've sold three tickets in total," the theater's manager told the Hollywood Reporter adding she had never "experienced anything like it before."

LaBeouf's film did better in the United States but it was still considered a box office bomb after only grossing $454,490 domestically.

In total, "Man Down" has earned $26 in the U.K. It's not the first movie to completely flop at the box office.

"Zyzzyx Road,"a Katherine Heigl film also starring Tom Sizemore, made a measly $20 after opening in one Dallas theater in 2006.

Christian Slater's 2012 "Playback" only made $264 after lasting one week in theaters.

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