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Brian Laundrie manhunt: Protesters outside Laundrie home chant 'Justice for Gabby': LIVE UPDATES

Protesters advocating for justice for Gabby Petito persisted outside of the home of Brian Laundrie's parents on Saturday as the search for him continues past a month. He is a person of interest in Petito's strangulation death and has a warrant out for his arrest related to unauthorized debit card use. Chris Laundrie was seen removing a protest sign from his yard on Saturday that said, "What if it was Cassie?" referring to his daughter.


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Actress Kristie Alley took to Twitter Sunday with a new theory on the whereabouts of Brian Laundrie, speculating the person of interest in the death of Gabby Petito was still located at his Florida home in a "crawlspace."

Authorities are still searching for Laundrie, a person of interest in the death of Petito, after he was reported missing on Sept. 17.

Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue ruled Petito's death a homicide Wedensday.

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Gabby Petito fundraiser raises nearly $14,000

A fundraiser for the Gabby Petito Foundation held on Long Island Sunday raised nearly $14,000.

The fundraiser, which featured live music, food, drinks, a raffle, and an auction, raised a total of over $13,700.

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Jim Schmidt’s (Petito s stepdad) former fire department in Blue Point, NY is on hand helping with food, security, the raffle and tickets at the front door.

“We’re firefighters. We’re volunteers,” said Assistant Chief Sean Meehan. “So we’re volunteering to help out a good cause.”

He said Gabby Petito is “one of our family members” and that the department would help out in any way it could.

Haley Valentine, 19, told Fox News she and her friend decided to attend the fundraiser as soon as they heard of it on Oct. 2. They’d been following the case since TikTok couple “Rob & Haley” covered it on Sept. 14.

“If social media wasn’t a thing, there wouldn’t be so many reasons to go and look” into the Petito story and at the manhunt for her former fiance, Brian Laundrie, Valentine said.4:24

Staff say there’s still about 200 people at venue but note people have been coming and going all day. Doorman says he’s seen about 300 people so far.

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Protesters demand ‘justice for Gabby’ outside Laundrie home

Protesters on Sunday chanted, “Justice for Gabby,” outside the home of fugitive Brian Laundrie’s parents.

Police arrived around 1:15 p.m. to monitor the situation after a neighbor complained.

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Gabby Petito Foundation fundraiser kicks off with a bang on Long Island NY

The Gabby Petito Foundation’s first fundraiser kicked off Sunday with a line of supporters stretching out the door.

About 75 people poured in before the first band took the stage in a planned six-hour event at the 89 North rock venue in Patchogue, N.Y. 

Supporters had the opportunity to buy metal or rubber bracelets reading “Justice for Gabby,” tickets for a Chinese auction and 50-50 raffle.

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Protester on put photos of Gabby Petito around Laundrie home

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NY Gabby Petito mural artist speaks out

An artist who painted a mural of deceased Gabby Petito is pleading with the public to recognize victims of violence rather than perpetrators.

“I’m our society, all too often, violence against women is glorified with salacious true crime fascinations. Can you name off the top of your head any of Ted Bundy’s victims? Probably not. … GABBY is changing that narrative,” mural artist Theresa “Tess” Parker wrote on Instagram.

Parker is currently finishing the mural on Long Island. 

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Brian Laundrie manhunt: 1 month since parents reported fugitive missing

Sunday marks one month since Brian Laundrie’s parents reported him missing on Sept. 17.

The attorney representing the Laundrie family, Steve Bertolino, later announced that his parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, hadn’t seen him since Sept. 13.

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Chris Laundrie removes protest sign from his yard

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Wyoming restaurant fight is key to manhunt, FBI behavioral analyst says

Dr. Ann Wolbert Burgess, who pioneered the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit, says the argument between fugitive Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito that witnesses observed at a Wyoming restaurant on Aug. 27 may be the key to Petito's tragic fate.

One of the last times Petito, 22, was seen alive involved an explosive argument between Laundrie, 23, and wait staff at a Jackson Hole restaurant called Merry Piglets, witness Nina Celie Angelo told Fox News Digital in September.

"The restaurant incident … is the second and most important," Burgess, author of the forthcoming book "A Killer by Design: Murders, Mindhunters, and My Quest to Decipher the Criminal," told Fox News Digital of two events prior to Petito's death that she said raised red flags.

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Protesters outside home of Brian Laundrie's parents hold up signs and chant 'Justice for Gabby'

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