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Colorado toddler reportedly killed on family vacation in Mexico

Two people are facing murder charges in Mexico in the killing of a 2-year-old Colorado boy on vacation, according to a statement from the murdered boy's family.

In a statement by Randy and Jen Charrette released to a local newspaper, the couple says their son, Axel Charrete, was allegedly killed by their baby sitter's boyfriend in a "drug-induced" attack.

"On Feb. 28, the daughter, our baby sitter, let her boyfriend into the walled property," the statement says. "She soon realized he was in a violent, drug-induced state. Out of fear, she locked herself in a bathroom, leaving Axel outside."

According to the statement, the man proceeded to injure the toddler, then threw him into the pool and left him to drown. 

The family says the baby sitter and her boyfriend have been arrested and face federal murder charges in Mexico City. The US State Department is involved with the investigation.

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